(Post breakup – Four weeks, I think?)

I changed those purple bedsheets you brought

for some reason I really hate that colour

and having those around didn’t help a lot.

(2nd July – Alex’s party)

the guys have stopped giving me the look

they think I’m getting better

I just have mastered being a closed book.

(18th Nov – normal day)

I saw you out of the blue

felt nothing but a clear indicator

You were never the one, were you?

(24 Dec – Anniversary date  First step forward)

the ring is somehow returned

words no more bitter

my grief completely burned.


What am I doing with my life?

What am I doing with my life?

Swimming against the tide

rather than floating along

for the ride.

What am I doing with my life?

Taking the route uncertain

when everyone else is finding

their safety version.

What am I doing with my life?

Becoming friends with anxiety

because I broke the norm

deserting security.

What am I doing with my life?

Chasing a dream unknown

backed by nothing but

words of my own.


Read between the lines

As if we lack the words.

Speak with your eyes

As if we lack the words.

Why become silent spectators?

it’s not as if we lack the words.


I stand by the sea side

angry waves is all I see

thunder booms;

joining in this symphony.

The cold creeps in

along with the rain,

pretty dress gets battered

but I remain unfazed.

Sighing with relief

I notice the weather clearing,

the silent stark night

my companion; while I keep waiting.

Seeing you along the edge

I shine brighter guiding you through,

rejoicing despite everything

only to be held up by your proclamation-

no more lighthouse; no more you.


Time heals all wounds;

A saying old as time itself 

What about the silence left behind in these rooms?

There is no answer, says despair. 


They say nobody likes a frowny face 

But if you are caught smiling for no reason

You are a crazy person.

They want you to speak up for yourself

But who cares about your opinion?

What they say is the only given.

They don’t judge anybody, not at all

unless you are not in the box

Then you know which way to walk.

They are all about freedom and equality

until it’s time to take action

thats when they remember

practicality is different from compassion.


Bold eyes and heavenly glow,

She found herself long ago.

Is it vanity – they question?

Her feet didn’t touch the ground,

her head held high like it was crowned;

She is the idea behind perfection.

Voice with a power to bring rapture,

Listen to her words she uses to capture

Sorcery! They claim without question

Her thoughts never fail to evoke

feelings that we try to cloak;

She is the voice of perfection.

Independence is like her second skin,

Needing nobody to win

Her success is nothing to question

Decisions bound by happiness,

She could be described as complete craziness;

She is clueless about her perfection.

Don’t you be deluded

For she doesn’t have her anxiety excluded.

she may be the mystery you always question

Everyone wants to be her friend

because in the end,

She is nothing but perfection.